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CWIT hosts various events throughout the year to help connect women across the tech industry. Come, learn, and be inspired!


Join our Mentor Program and get personal one on one support with amazing women from our local technical community.


Charleston Women in Tech offers educational programing to help prepare women and kids of all ages for careers in tech.

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By the numbers...


Number of new technical jobs that will be created in 2018


Number of C.S. Degrees granted


Number of C.S. Degrees granted to women


Percentage of women working in U.S. Technical Jobs

"CWIT allowed me to connect with women in positions I hope to have someday and a place where I was able to express my nerves of starting in my very first job. As I have grown in the professional world, it’s meaning for me has changed. Now, I only hope my positive experiences with CWIT can give someone else first starting out the courage to feel uncomfortable, the willingness to step out of the box, and the acceptance that you may not fit the mold for the “techy” stereotype and that is an advantage."

Alex Castelli

Web Developer
"The Charleston Women in Tech community means everything to me. Navigating your career can be a challenge in any field but especially so in tech. This amazing group not only offers the professional support needed to expand your skill-set and horizons but allows you connect and build friendships that will last a lifetime."

Kate Wilson

Web Developer

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